General Info

Interface: MemController
Files: memcontroller.h
Last change: 30/07/2002
Author: Luiz Henrique Shigunov
System Functions

0x00 - GetMemArea - Get available memory areas


This page describes the MemController interface which provides access to the memory controller.

The memory controller is responsible for controling and providing informations about system physical memory.

0x00 - GetMemArea


int MemController_GetMemArea(unsigned int n, unsigned int *start, unsigned int *end);



This function gets the limits of the n physical memory area available for using.

n starts at 0.

If all goes ok, start and end will contain the memory area start and end.

start and end have physical page numbers. For instance: start = 0, end = 0. A memory area of only one page that starts at page 0 and ends at page 0.

Return value